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  • My story



  • My story

    Shape the Story through food × Maximize taste = Happy people to connect.

    I specialize in shooting related to "food".
    Originally I worked as a creator, and it felt extremely unusual that the photographs did not convey the thought and taste of the producer at all.
    Meanwhile, I met a wonderful photographer who moved my mind, I was blessed with many things and chose the path called food photographer.
    There are two things that I cherish all the time I can think carefully in my life even at work.
    "Edge" and "To live happily".
    Because all the things I have reached here are thanks to the wonderful edge and I think that I can not do it unless I am happy in order to make someone happy.
    To make the creator happy, to bring out the taste and charm to the maximum, to become a role of disseminating its charm to the world, and to make people involved in many things to Happy through their roles.
    It goes around and I am working everyday thinking that I can be happy with myself and those who connect.
    I wish you a good connection.